Zooma Group

With a group of friends we try to create something really cool. So far so good.

Our companies


Zooma is a creative development studio specialized in building custom apps, responsive websites and digital customer platforms.

De Dorus

De Dorus is a coworking building from which more than 15 creative and courageous entrepreneurs and professionals storm the world.


Youmie works together with student associations and builds a platform of iOS and Android apps, responsive websites and third party connections for them.


Since 2015, TMSQR is specialized in building state of the art festival, venue and artist apps. Offer your visitors and fans the app they deserve.

Zooma Consultancy

Zooma Consultancy consists of a multidisciplinary team of experienced business consultants, software architects, (information) security advisors and legal experts.

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We're located in De Dorus

Dorus Rijkersweg 15 2315 WC Leiden The Netherlands

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